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Our approach to practising law includes defining the issues and opportunities our diverse and high calibre range of clients will face tomorrow, while helping you to navigate the legal risks and realities of today.

Our Values

The 8th Edition Black's Law Dictionary defines "amicus" as a "friend of the court. Whilst our barristers indeed have the ear of the judges, we also prefer to think of it as something more than that.
The Latin origins of the word "justice" equate it to "righteousness" or "equity" and in that spirit, we strive to help our clients get the justice they need. In that sense, not only are we officers of the court, but also members of the community who fight to give the learned profession of law the good name it deserves.

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Our expertise and services

Our multi-lingual specialist legal advisers provide advice and full ranges of legal services in respect of immigration, employment, family, property, commercial and criminal matters.

Our promises

We promise you we will advance your cause with the utmost professionalism, we will charge you a reasonable fee and we will conduct ourselves in the most ethical fashion we can in dealing with your problem.

Our work and our clients' reactions

We do not only offer you our testament. Instead, we invite you to visit our pages that deal with the many recommendations we have received from clients, the many leading cases we have argued and won, the many scholarly articles we have written and the complex files we deal with, which from time-to-time have attracted media interest.
We hope you find our website interesting and useful. We look forward to advising and representing you.


Latest News

New Amicus Law Website

We are pleased to announce that we have today published a new website for Amicus Law. The website is multi-lingual (English and Mandarin with flexibility to add additional languages in future), and incorporates... Read More