We are a firm of migrant lawyers and support staff from Canada, China, India, Iraq, Malaysia, Romania, Samoa, South Korea, the United States of America and of course, New Zealand. We know what it is like to be in a foreign land facing problems that need solving and we are dedicated to providing professional services and solutions for our immigrant clients as well as the many New Zealanders who use our services.

Whether our clients come to see us with a criminal problem, a commercial dispute, a family issue or indeed an immigration matter, we know they need our help and we never let them down. We take great pride in our work and gain great happiness resolving our clients' problems and helping our immigrant clients to make their way in their new life in New Zealand.

Every single one of us at Amicus Law knows what it is like to emigrate from our home countries and make a new life in this land and we think that makes us unique in the New Zealand legal profession. Whilst we may have come here for different reasons, some of us searching for new opportunities and challenges, others looking for a better life, others yet looking for a different way of life, what we all have in common is a hard work ethic. We all knew when we came here that it would not be easy, but we were determined to succeed. We bring that attitude to the office everyday and that is what makes us different (and we hope better) than any other law firm in New Zealand.