Head of Litigation Barrister and Solicitor Daniel Zhang

Daniel Zhang

Daniel is a barrister and solicitor and the head of litigation team at Amicus Law.

Before he decided that Law was his true calling, Daniel studied IT and worked in the telecommunication sector for eight years, He was admitted to the bar in 2015.

Daniel has a strong sense of fairness. He understands how immigrants sometimes find it difficult to understand the laws of the new country and difficult to uphold their rights. It is his honour to help these people to obtain equity, equality and justice.

Daniel plays hard in his spare time, he enjoys all the outdoor sports that New Zealand’s pristine mountains and oceans have to offer.

DDI: 09 905 3687
Fax: 09 969 1492
Email: dzhang@amicuslaw.co.nz
Location: Auckland CBD Office