Oleg Tolmachev – Visa renewal

31st May 2012 To whom it may concern

About a year ago I realised that there was only about 1.5 month left on my visa so I needed to get a new one almost straight away. Plus on top of everything my case is by no means straight forward as education doesn’t really match my current position. After visiting a few immigration advisers in Auckland I’ve been left with a fairly depressing feeling that it could be a dead end. Just about at the end of my search I came across Amicus lawyer. I was directed to Moira straight away. Moira was the one to undertake the whole scenario without any negative approach nor any prejudgements on the outcome.

As I found out later the process required going back and forth with immigration on the daily basis and substantial evidence had to be built up to prove that my character is suitable. It came right down to breaking down the actual study subject and trainings provided. All of it been done without my direct involvement what saved a huge amount of time and hassle. As a result of her hard work and dedication the visa had been granted just on time and as a result I carried with my work and living in NZ. I would be more than happy to recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with immigration in one or other form.

Oleg Tolmachev