Recommendation letter from Victoria Korolev for residency for parents

11 April 2018

Ms Victoria Korolev wrote Amicus Law a thank you letter to express her gratitude for our immigration lawyer Ms Elcel Nerida.

Ms Victoria Korolev has lodged residency application for her parents under parental category tier 1 four years ago. The process was very long and cost her a lot of money without a positive outcome. The situation got even worse when Ms Victoria Korolev was told by INZ that the parental category has closed.

With a stressful situation, Ms Victoria Korolev was referred to Amicus Law by an immigration adviser. However, the case only got 2 weeks deadline to provide more information to INZ as the last chance to have an opportunity to apply for residency.

Ms Victoria Korolev felt confident from the initial conversation with Ms Elcel Nerida. she said Ms Elcel Nerida is professional and her knowledge  and expertise are impressive, her friendly approach makes very stressful situation a lot less stressful.


more information please check below link to view Ms Victoria Korolev’s recommendation letter.

Recommendation letter from Victoria Korolev