31st May 2012 To whom it may concern About a year ago I realised that there was only about 1.5 month left on my visa so I needed to get a new one almost straight away. Plus on top of… ...READ MORE

Oleg Tolmachev – Visa renewal

I am writing to thank Ms Jyo and to express my appreciation for helping Chuanbo’s wife to get her work visa and excellent PPI response on behalf of the company management team. As Chuangbo is such a valuable employee of… ...READ MORE

Extremely Happy

I Jianhui CHEN, originally from China, write to express my gratitude to Amicus Law and their litigation team lawyers. Thank you for helping me with my Customs matter. Customs officers were trying to bully me into attending an interview… ...READ MORE

Super Awesome!

I met Elcel through a common friend during their household activity. Her smart, gentle and calm approach made me feel comfortable to reach out whenever i need unbiased opinion. She is straight forward and professional in every way that… ...READ MORE

Residency in less than 6 months

recommendation for Ms Elcel Nerida and Ms Jyostana Haria for immigration matters.  ...READ MORE

Reference letter from immigration client

Work visa and partner’s work visa application, please click below link for details. Work visa application ...READ MORE

Reference letter for work visa application

I, Y ZHANG, write to recommend Amicus Law. I am currently in the courts on some extremely serious matter. I used to have another lawyer who I think is not doing a great job so I came to Amicus… ...READ MORE

serious drug matter

A successful Work visa application for couples. ...READ MORE

Successful Work Visa Application

A successful resident visa application case from a Chinese client.  ...READ MORE

Successful resident visa from a Chinese client

I obtained my residency through your help, Thank you for kind consideration and excellent job you did for my application, I really got my money’s worth! More power and success! —Crystal ...READ MORE

Thank you Immigration Team

5 June 2018 Hassle-free in obtaining residency Ms Katreena Clavero obtained employer assisted work visa and residency through assistance from our immigration lawyer Ms Elcel Nerida. Ms Katreena Clavero’s work visa was going to expire when she found out that her residency… ...READ MORE

Recommendation letter from Katreena Clavero

14 September 2017 Jazel Maan M.David recommended Amicus Law for being kind and considerate, Jazel has been very satisfied with Ms Elcel Nerida and Ms Jyostana Haria’s service and consultation for Jazel’s visa application.   more information please check below link to… ...READ MORE

Recommendation from Jazel Maan M.David

11 April 2018 Ms Victoria Korolev wrote Amicus Law a thank you letter to express her gratitude for our immigration lawyer Ms Elcel Nerida. Ms Victoria Korolev has lodged residency application for her parents under parental category tier 1 four years… ...READ MORE

Recommendation letter from Victoria Korolev for residency for parents

Thi Thuy Linh Nguyen has previously approached many lawyers and advisers in regards with her immigration case. She has also spent a lot of money on the case, but without a positive result. Thi Thuy Linh Nguyen came to Amicus… ...READ MORE

Recommendation letter from Thi Thuy Linh Nguyen for section 61- cancelling deportation order and granted 12 months work visa